Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two weeks = Two miles

Today I am reminded of that beautiful old story about the ugly violin at the auction. No one wanted to buy the old thing, but when an old man got up a played a fantastic tune upon it, suddenly everyone needed a beat up violin. A "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" kind of thing. Standing in front of the mirror, I'm not much to look at in my postpartum state. Pretty much everything is sagging. But when I stepped foot upon the treadmill tonight for the first time in about 5 months, I felt like that old violin finally being played by a master's hand again. I felt like I could skip, sprint, dash and run a 10k...oh yes, the desire was there...the lungs were NOT! I was surprised at how much stamina I've know that burning in your lungs feeling? Anyway, I put in 2 miles at a 5, 8 and 10% grade going about 4.0 the whole time. Ooooohhh, running is just around the corner. As for goals, I've decided to get back in shape to the tune of a 10k. I haven't run one in FOREVER! Last year I got completely hooked on 5ks and one marathon. Yes, marathoning will happen, but I haven't found one close by until next year. So, until then 10k! (and maybe I'll sneak in a few 5k's!).

This body might not be much to look at, but there's a beautiful race ready to be run inside of it.


Julie said...

You go girl! You are truly an inspiration to me. I think of you tome to time while running my program. A 10k sounds fun- what is the scoop?

Sam and Brittany said...

German Fest fun run- Sunday April 27th. Sam and I are both doing it and you guys should too!!

Chi-townRawlins said...

Hmmm...I thought I posted on here yesterday. Anyway, I love this post. Very inspiring! It's amazing what we can do with our bodies. I'm also going to try for a race sometime this year - probably a 5K. It seems like the only way to get myself motivated is to have an event!

Chi-townRawlins said...

I just figured out why I couldn't see my comment...
ANyway, some questions.
1. What are some good things to do if I can't fit in a whole workout. I have days where I've got to be somewhere early and I don't have a full hour to dedicate to working out (or trying to, anyway).
2. I have a pretty substantial diastasis (about 3 finger widths) that is making my tummy pretty pouched out. What's the best way to get it closed up?
3. What are your views on stretching. I like stretching AFTER a workout but it feels like a waste of time to do it BEFORE.
Thanks, Kelly.

molly said...

and this just two weeks after baby! Go Kelly!