Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Even more Q & A


i've got a question- I am running more and more frequently, and I've noticed my heels hurting a little. Is there anything i can do to prevent my heels from hurting anymore and prevent any serious injuries? i have a friend who's heels get really bad after she runs for long periods of time- i don't want to get like that.


I'm answering this quick style because I've dealt with plantar fascists before and it HURTS!
To make sure I'm getting this right, tell me more about your pain. Does your arch or heel hurt? Does it hurt to step on your foot in the morning, but warms up after a bit of walking around?

If I'm right, you are on your way to plantar fascitis. This often occurs when someone increases their mileage or runs in shoes unsuited to their feet. So, what's the miracle cure? A racquet ball! Get a racquet ball (I've heard that golf balls also work) and roll it under your foot/arche/heel ALL THE TIME! Sitting at work, eating dinner...keep that ball in your purse/wallet and pull it out any time you get a chance. Then make sure you wear some supportive shoes during the ballet slippers for a while and make sure you're increasing your milage by only 10% each week.
And that's it. Hopefully this will save you from months of pain...I've been there!

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