Sunday, September 28, 2008

October Fitness Challenge

During my 1.5 year stint in Spain, I jumped rope almost every day. My ARMS NEVER LOOKED BETTER. and that means a lot, since I could hardly fit into a "girl shirt" during high school because my arms easily buff up too much. All of that isometric work really helps my arms to look toned, but not TOO BIG.

October Fitness Challenge (if you choose to accept): Jump off! Beginning October 13th to October 17th (that's just Monday to Friday) we'll see who can jump the most. Count your jumps for the whole week and the winner will get a prize of my choice.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Challenges Complete

Tomorrow is the due date for September challenges. How did you all do?

I completed my 10k challenge yesterday at the Dallas Tour de Fleurs. It was a beautiful course along the lake and through the park arboretum. The first mile felt really great, but the rest of the race was rough. One thing that helps me get through a race is to take mental breaks along the way. Just a couple of seconds here and there to enjoy the scenery, enjoy the weather (which was great), enjoy the feeling of running (without thinking about how I need to speed up and catch the next person). One of the ways I do push myself is by focusing on the next person or group of runners. I think, "They're just a couple of strides in front going the same pace as me." Usually you can just speed up a few steps and then settle into the pace of the group until you need to move on again. As usual though, I did spend a lot of the race on my own, in between groups that I was trying to catch.

Happily, Abby and Sam ran in the race as well. It is always more fun to hang out with friends before and after the race...and during as well. We all did really well.

As for my own time and place, I didn't meet my goal of running the 10k in 40 mins or less. I really feel like I can reach that goal, but I would have to run a few more 10k's in order to better judge my pace and gain confidence in the distance. At times during the race I felt the energy to go faster, but held myself back not wanting to burn out unexpectedly in the last miles. If I am to run it under 40, this holding back would have to go! Finally, I did place first in my age group and ran a 42.55. I placed 72 out of 1,733 people.
For all race results go HERE.

What a great way to motivate yourself. It's motivating to think and work toward an upcoming race. It's also motivating to run a race and afterward think of how you can improve and DO IT AGAIN!

and what about EATING like a SAINT? I'm definitely not going to be translated immediately, but having a goal and people making an effort with me did help me to skip a few bowls of ice cream and keep my portion sizes real.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being Hard Core is Hard

The 10k is just a few days away and I'm really excited. I really got some good running done in August, but September just didn't go the way I'd planned. A bum leg and a hurricane really slowed me down. This little set back in my training schedule helped me to remember the real reason that I run. It's not to set a PR every time or Win Win Win, although I really like to, I run because I like to and it makes me feel good.

Running helps me eat better food (it's that running peridime we've talked about before), and feel better in my jeans. It helps me destress. I love being outside, enjoying nature. I like being strong and having energy to take care of my kids. I love other runners. I love an excuse to look in other people's windows. I love looking like a wierd-o as I do some crazy workout.

With my first post partum race this Saturday, I'm glad I got to remember what it's all about!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Any runner, or active person for that matter, can develop patellofemoral stress syndrome (kneecap pain). Women, however, are especially vulnerable.

Why women?

They often have a wider "Q angle" between hip and kneecap than men. Their kneecaps move at an angle instead of up and down as the knee bends.

Average Q Angle

greater than 17 degrees in females
greater than 14 degrees in males

= larger angle increases risk of injury

Self Test
1. Sit on floor with legs extended and locate your kneecaps
2. Tighten quads of each leg
3. If kneecap rotates outward, you are more at risk for this type of injury



*strengthen this area by working on the inner thigh and quadriceps muscles

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's get started

Okay, September is here! I have Deanna, Jeni, Abby and myself committed to the saintly eating challenge (with and without weekends). As far as I've heard, Jeni, Anna, Sam + company, possibly Abby and myself will all be running in the 10k challenge. Yippy! I'm excited for September! Remember even if you don't live nearby you can find your own 10k challenge or just do it on your own.

Good luck everyone!

*I'm about to hop on the treadmill to log some miles after a WEEK of NO RUNNING...thank you texas bugs and an infected leg (in an effort not to gross everyone out I will not provide further details).