Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Q & A


1. What are some good things to do if I can't fit in a whole workout. I have days where I've got to be somewhere early and I don't have a full hour to dedicate to working out (or trying to, anyway).
2. I have a pretty substantial diastasis (about 3 finger widths) that is making my tummy pretty pouched out. What's the best way to get it closed up?
3. What are your views on stretching. I like stretching AFTER a workout but it feels like a waste of time to do it BEFORE



1. One of the best/most convenient things you can do to still get an excellent workout in a short amount of time is JUMP ROPE! It provides great cardio work and isometric strength training. My arms love the toned look they get from it. I prefer to jump rope with a cloth rope as apposed to the plastic types because it doesn't beat up the floor if I'm inside and it's quiet if the kids are napping. Jump ropes are cheap and easy to store. To make jumping rope more interesting I often try to do it outside on the patio so I get fresh air. I work in counts of 100. 100 jumps with feet together, 100 jumps running, 100 jumps side to side. Then I count 100 jumps in Spanish, which usually takes about twice the time. Always at the end I make myself do 100 flawless jumps in a row, if I mess up I start over. You can also break up the jumping with lunges, squats, push ups, jogging in place, crunches. I would put it all together in a short, convenient, effective workout like this:
5 minutes jumping
50 lunges
25 push ups
30 crunches
5 minutes jumping
20 squats
3 minute jog in place
25 push ups
5 minutes jumping
50 lunges
DONE! *stretch

I also always recommend YOGA on days when you can't get a workout in. I know it's hard to get a nice practice in with kids running around, but get them their own mat and they might stick it out a couple times a week for 20 mins. or so! Good luck!

2. Not being an expert in the Diastasis field I would ask the Dr. for some advice and recommendations if the problem persists for more than 6-12 months. I know that sounds like a long time, but it is normal for more serious cases to take that long to correct. I also found this website that might help you out. At the bottom of the page it also shares links to other ideas/suggestions/exercises for correcting diastasis. Make sure you look at the exercise page, I think it's good.

3. Unless you're going to run a 200 at a track competition, stretching before hand is not nearly as important was warming up well and stretching afterward. To warm up before a run, walk, strength training session you should slowly raise your heart rate over 5-10 minutes. Studies have found that you will workout feeling better, stronger and more injury free if you give yourself this warm up time. An easy jog or accelerating walk will do the trick. As for stretching afterward, I don't give much credit to touching the "toes twice and done" method. That doesn't mean it has to take all day either. 3 runs through Sun Salutation will keep you nice and dandy if that's all you have time for, but making time for some longer yoga sessions during the week is important to keep you injury free. Yes, I will continue to preach YOGA until the day I die!

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Chi-townRawlins said...

Ooh, I want to run out and buy a jump rope now! I'm excited to try out that routine. I think it will be perfect for those mornings when I'm stressed and can't fit in a full workout.
Thanks for answering those questions!!