Monday, August 17, 2009

Track and Field World Championships

The races were awesome. The 100m with Bolt and Gay was amazing...9.56!!!!

I was most impressed with this little darlin' Jessica Ennis competing in the women's heptathlon. She blew everyone else out of the water and could have walked the last event, the 800m, and still have won. The most amazing part...she's 5'4". She smoked everyone in the high hurdles and even the high jump. And when I say everyone, I'm talking about Olympic athletes, most as tall as 6'.

She really sets the stage for no excuses! Don't set limits on yourself because of your shape or size. When my girls get older and complain that they're not tall enough for this (which they most likely won't be) or built right for that...I'm going to tell them about Jessica Ennis.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Refining my opinion

Most of you are probably aware by now, that I push speed work. I do this because the majority of high school runners and adult 5k-marathon runners that I talk to go on long, long slow runs and don't try to push their pace much. I'm always telling people to get on the track or throw some intervals and progression runs into their normal running workout. So much, that I may have you doubting the importance of the long run.

The long run. Very important. It builds muscle, grows capillaries (which take oxygen to your muscle), and strengthens tendons, bones and ligaments. All of these things help you to run economically and stronger.

BUT instead of going out and plodding along for 90 minutes to 2 hours, try running the last 30 minutes fast, or progressively getting faster every 30 mins(negative splits), or add 15x15 second sprints throughout. Do this unless you're a newbie to the long run, in which case just plod until you feel comfortable with the distance/time. Having said all of that, make sure your long run is easy! Do some long tempo runs (like 3 miles x 2) or longer intervals (like mile repeats) the day before to make sure your already slightly beat up going into your long run. You don't want the long run to come at the expense of your race specific training.

This post is for everything...the 1 mile to the marathon. Get some distance on.

I would throw in the long run once a week and a shorter, but still long run somewhere else in the week too. And what should you do the other days??? SPEED!