Friday, April 11, 2008

Ideas for a 10k

I made up this Week 1 workout for a friend who wants to train for a 10k but also improve her gym workout. I incorporated the two together. The workout is designed for 4 times a week and broken up into easy, medium, and hard days. Go in the order outlined (medium, hard, easy, hard), but put rest days in where you like. You'll start with a medium day after a rest day (like Sunday or the weekend). Week 1 should be about 16-20 if you're not there yet, start out slower, or if you're already past this, I'll be posting more advanced workouts. This workout is for a beginner that does not mean someone who's never run a 10k before, rather for one looking for a basic workout and wanting some improvement.

I'm posting this just to help with new ideas and ways to train.

Week 1

Medium: 5 miles + arm work interspersed. Run 2 miles to start. Continue with bicep curl, triceps kick back, push ups on a bosu ball. Run 1 mile. Continue with the ax chop (both sides), side pull (for core), and lat pull down. Run 1 mile. Continue with up/downs, dips, and row. Finish with 1 miles normal pace/cool down.

Hard: 4+ miles + leg work. 2 miles normal pace. 4x1:00 faster running (not a sprint) with recovery time/walk until you’re ready to do another. 2 miles normal pace to finish.
Continue with leg extensions, leg curl, squats/leg press, lung with weights, stability on ½ bosu ball.

Easy: 3 mile run or class + YOGA!!

Hard: 4 miles, accelerations + full body weights. Run 2 miles. Continue with running arms, bench press, Romanian squat, walking lunges w/ weight, mountain climber. Run 2 miles. At the end of these 2 miles you will do 3 accelerations. This means you gradually get faster until you are going about a 9 or 9.5 on the treadmill for 20 seconds and then hold that pace for 10 seconds (much easier to do outside or on a track…but whatever works!). Continue with plank, bouncing lunges, sit ups on bosu ball, oblique work with bar, pec fly, whatever machines you want to use.

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