Sunday, September 26, 2010

Play List

Watched my first episode of Glee this week. THIS song will be pumpin during treadmill runs this week!

Also listening to Makano (however the video is really corny!)
and Kanya

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

race results

Ran the 10k race in Dallas. It went pretty well. I felt good and raced decent. I ended up getting 2nd in my age category. The first place girl was about 20 secs in front of me...sooo close! Also there racing, in the same race, were a bunch of sponsored elite runners. They ran with us, but had kind of their own competition going on. In their pack I would have finished 5th. I did get a nice MONEY prize for my finish though!

Anyway, I did get to thinking about those elite runners though. Since I finished pretty good even among them, I should be sponsored too right? ha! Sooo...I just got back from Luke's Locker (a big running store chain here), who sponsored most of those runners, and talked with them about being on the team. Apparently they have different levels of sponsorship from paying for racing to completely outfitting a runner. NICE! I would probably have to race more (bummer!!! ;) and I'd get to train as much as I could with some pretty fast runners! SUPER COOL!

I have yet to talk with the main man, but it really is sounding like this is a possibility for me! CRAZY!

We'll see....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Race Time

I'm running in THIS race tomorrow. I've done The Best 10k Workout Ever twice (see 10k on the side bar). That is 3 x 2 miles with 5 mins rest/jogging recovery. Actually, I didn't check the workout beforehand and only took a 3 min rest...does that make it even better?

I paced at a 6:39 min mile...which should put me at a 38 min 10k. Um, I may have been a little off on that pace number! I would be really happy with a 40 min 10k and think that I really would have had no problem with that before the whole stress fracture incident.

The foot still hurts and I had to take 3 weeks off. Nice. I've been back on it for almost 2 weeks. Mostly it's an issue of confidence. I can still probably run a 40 min 10k...but it's just going to hurt a whole lot more than it would've/should've/could've. Oh well. I am excited and will love racing no matter what.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Okay. Here are all my numbers: 300, 420,330, 500, 660,650,700. Since I have no idea what you have done the last couple days, I am a bit worried. My stomach muscles are thanking you for the challenge though!
-Deanna 3,560

Here are my numbers: 400, 500, 500, 220, 500, 600, 650

DEANNA wins bragging rights! I can't believe it! We were a difference of 190! That 220 day really killed me. I kept thinking I'd do more, but never got to it. Not only did Deanna put in all of those squats/lunges/crunches/pushups....but she also kept up with her PX90 workout!..oh, and her 5 kids...and no gym pass!

I have the best LUNG IN THE WORLD to share with all of you though. I'll try to write out how to do it....

Choose a pair of weights, or do without. Step into lung, front knee bent, back leg straight. Lower chest on top of front quad and place hands holding weights in front of foot. Straighten front leg while raising back leg and chest in a straight line. Arms should hang down towards the ground. So you should look like a straight line with arms hanging down and front leg straight. Then bend front knee and lower back foot and hands back to the ground. Repeat. SUPER sore from these!

Thanks Deanna for helping me in this challenge! Now go brag that you kicked my butt!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today is the final day for the Squat,Lung,Pushup,Crunch...whatever I called it Challenge.

...I'm sore!

...Deanna, my opponent, is a tough nut to crack...I think I may have done it....but she could be sneaking in extra squats right now...