Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The best of times

Chronobiology. The study of how time effects you body. The time of day, the time of the month, the time of the year. It is interesting to note how at certain times of day one is more alert, certain times of the month one can be more bloated, and at certain times of the year one is more likely to be depressed. Hum. It is pretty obvious that our bodies are effected by time.

Here's a little guide of some "normal" times for a person who sleeps at night and gets up about 7am.

7am: blood pressure and pulse surge
testosterone highest in men
melatonin secretion turns off

8am: bowel movement most common

9am: bowel movement most common
body weight lowest (step on the scale NOW!)

10am: mental alertness and arousal high

Noon: mood high

2pm: eye-hand coordination best

3pm: best time for power nap

4pm: reaction time best

5pm: best training time for most sports
lung and heart efficiency maximum
muscle strength and flexibility peak
breathing easiest in lung diseases

6pm: taste most acute

7pm: body temperature peaks

8pm: track and swimming performance best
alcohol best tolerated

9pm: melatonin secretion starts

11pm: sexual intercourse most frequent

1am: spontaneous labor most often starts

2am: sleep deepest

3am: skin repair peaks

4am: natural childbirth most common

5am: body temperature lowest

6am: dreaming most intense
cortisol secretion greatest
insulin secretion highest
height greatest

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