Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More on 10K

It's been a while since I advanced the original 10k plan, so you've had a few weeks to get used to it and should be ready to step it up a little more. Again, I'm going to make this a 4 times a week plan and adapt it to lifting and using equipment available at the gym. If you're not going to incorporate those things, just do the work out and cut out the weight stuff. This is quite a bit more intense, so do what you feel comfortable with.

This is about a 24 mile week. It's a bit different (ready for a change) and has more fun speed work! I like to do all running outside and speed work on a track, but most of this can be done easily on a treadmill.

Again, it's going to go Medium, Hard, Easy Hard...and you add the rest/yoga days when it works best for you.

Medium: 5 miles + tempo run + arm work. Run 2 miles to start. Continue with a 10 minute tempo run 30 seconds per mile slower than 10k goal pace. Plyo push up (start as regular push up but explode up off the floor, lifting hands off ground...add a clap if you can), bench press or alternate dumbbell bench press, dumbell front squat-to-press (start with elbows in a sides and dumbells in front of shoulders, thumb facing shoulder, squat down and as you lift up also lift the arms overhead), hold plank pose & advance plank pose (push up position and then hover chest just above ground). Continue with another 10 minute tempo run 30 seconds per mile slower than 10k goal pace if you want/can. End with 3 miles.

Hard: 4 miles speed work + legs. All work will be done as pace intervals or your 10k goal pace*. Jog half the distance run between each as recovery.
Start with a warm up. 1x400 meters. Jog. 1x800m. Jog. 1x1200m. Jog. 1x800m. Jog. 1x400m. Jog. Continue with ham curls on bosu ball (lay on back, feet on top of ball, lift hips and pull in legs, extend legs back out, lower hips to just above ground, repeat), plyo box hops (find a box, bench or chair to jump up and down on, jump up on top of box, quick down and back up...the time spent on the ground should be short), single leg squats, side plank (both sides), adductor and abductor with bungee or machine. Cool down jog.

Easy: 4 miles + yoga!

Hard: MILES! Try to get around 7 miles in + 4x100m accelerations. Full body toning. Balance on bosu (knees and hands on top of ball and try to balance), triceps, bicep, quads.

*pace intervals:
10 minute pace (a 1:02:06 10k) run 2:30 for 400m, 5:00 for 800m, 7:30 for 1200m.
9 minute pace (55:53 10k) run 2:15 for 400m, 4:30 for 800m, 6:45 for 1200m
8 minute pace (49:40 10k) run 2:00 for 400m, 4:00 for 800m, 6:00 for 1200m

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