Tuesday, June 9, 2009


While making all of these diets and including my own diet in the process...I've make some deep commitments to salad. I've always liked it, especially all dressed up with chicken and mandarins, but I've never been truly committed to The Salad. You know just the romaine + ice burg + spring greens + spinach + radishes + carrots type.

I'm am now committed. We have a salad at EVERY dinner.

Your challenge? Commit to The Salad --that's the nothing fancy, just the good stuff type --every night for SEVEN DAYS!


*BTW: Menopause Gal has lost 10 lbs in a week and 2 days. Yes, a lot of weight, but it came off quick just cause she was eating the wrong stuff for what her body was going through. She wants 5 more lbs off and is going to continue with the diet another week. We will then revamp it and up the calories.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

...More for your 'mill

I thought I'd share some other crazy things I do on the 'mill. Be BRAVE! Try these out...you'll look like a pro!

Defensive Drill: I turn my 'mill down to 4mph, with one hand holding on up front I turn my body sideways. Squat down and move feet in a defensive basketball slide...without the slide! Hum...how to explain...shuffle/hop feet in a squat going sideways on your 'mill. Once I've got a beat, I hike it up to 6mph...but stay where you feel in control. Get it? If not, give me a call...it's cool! I usually count to 50 while doing this and then change to the other side. I do 2-3 sets.

A-skip: this one is tricky, but fun. Every third step, lift your knee and drive it down..Hey, THIS GUY explains it pretty well. You can do it with just one side and then the other, then when you get it, put both together. SWEET!

Skip Kick: I can't find a nice guy to explain this one. Jog lightly on the balls of your feet. Kick one foot/leg straight up in front in a hop. Kind of like the A-skip, but bringing up a straight leg instead. Start with just one leg and then alternate when you get in the groove. Yeah...call me.

Yep, I do these crazy/weird looking drills in my small gym...and guess what. Nobody cares. Don't be afraid to try them out. They're great for your work out, help with turn over and form, improve agility, strengthen and protect ligaments and tendons, and if nothing else, I'll think you're cool for trying.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

...and eat it too.

Nope, no cake here!
I've been whippin' out healthy menu's right and left (and when I say whippin' I mean spending hours on each one). Although I've prepared and enjoy the dishes that I recommend, I've not yet stuck to a plan myself...until this week. I thought it would be a good idea if I could relate to the people who are eating the food I recommend the way I recommend it! ...and not to give myself a big pat on the back, but I've really liked it. I feel completely in control of the way I eat. I'm eating based on the calories my body need rather than emotion. I'm eating a wide range of exciting foods with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, omega 3's, monounsaturated fatty acids....you see where I'm going.
It also takes the guess work out of meal prep. I already know what I'm going to prepare for dinner today, tomorrow, and the whole week. The biggest change I've noticed is that we have a salad at dinner time EVERY night. I like it. I feel like I've been eating better and I feel like my whole family is eating better too.

Yeah for menu planning...is there a more professional way to say that...meal planning, healthy eating plan, healthy menu...hum???