Friday, April 18, 2008

track work

Today I felt inspired to give it a go on the track for the first time post partum. I thought I'd start off with the unstressful, fun, effective 1:00 turnover workout, but once I was on the track I couldn't resist doing some hard, gut wrenching, lactic acid producing 200's. I ran 6 at a 45 second pace. Nothing to write home about, much less blog about, but it felt good. I don't mean my body was tight and toned or that I just felt fast and light, but it felt good to be on the track and get dry mouth if nothing less. The crazy part was, the more 200's I ran, the more I wanted to run (maybe I just wasn't going fast enough! ha!). I LOVE RUNNING!

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Chi-townRawlins said...

I LOVE reading this blog because it's so inspiring! I'm not a great runner but I love running. It makes me feel great!
Anyway, I have a question.
I've heard that it's best to rest your muscles for 48 hours before working the same group again. That's always confusing to me because it seems like I'm ALWAYS using the same muscles to exercise! If I walk one day and then do aerobics or jumprope the next I'm using my legs both days. So I'm wondering what the real rule is. How often can I work the same groups of muscles?