Monday, April 14, 2008

~3 weeks = 3 miles

yeah! I just raced in from an evening 3 mile run! Last week the Dr. gave me the okay to get back to I've thrown all caution to the wind. The weather was beautiful and I kept a pretty decent pace around 8.5 minute mile. I pushed it in the last 150 meters...I love to sprint in at the end of any run/race. The weakest part of my body is definitely my inner thighs! They felt pretty tired and useless...odd because they're not a part that I usually pay a lot of attention to...but there they were tonight. I feel excited for the running weeks to come and I'm going to start my 10k race search tonight and sign up!

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Abby & Paxton said...

nice job kelly! you're so amazing. so i've got a question- I am running more and more frequently, and I've noticed my heels hurting a little. Is there anything i can do to prevent my heels from hurting anymore and prevent any serious injuries? i have a friend who's heels get really bad after she runs for long periods of time- i don't want to get like that.