Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You've gotta try this!

Just ran in from a new fantastic repeat run. All of you who are reading this and still have not broken out of the rut, running the same miles at the same speed, please try this one out!

In fact, I ran 8 miles on Thursday at a decent pace, but was bored out of my mind on the treadmill and almost talked myself out of it several times. Today I also ran 8 miles, but using this workout and LOVED it. The miles sped by faster and were much more effective and intertaining!

Warm up 2 miles

5x1200 going race pace (early in training you can go a little slower, later in training you can go a little faster)

400 rest jog between each repeat
Cool down 1.5 miles

This workout is also a little less daunting than mile repeat (being that it's just 3 laps!)


Abby & Paxton said...

so i tried it this morning, and almost died.. so that's why i only did HALF of it. ha. i'll work up to it. also i was super bummed b/c i had brought my ipod to track the distance and pace. when i went to put it on- it was dead. grrrrr- so mad. and then i had forgotten my stopwatch-- it was just frustrating.. so i still ran, but next time it should be more successful. :)

Kelly said...


I also tried to do this workout this morning...and died!!! I think I've been a little low on calories ...but I could only do 2.5 repeats and couldn't do any more...I improvised with some stairs on the bleachers...but was completely shaking by the end...dead! Try it really is a good one :)