Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting Ready

With our vegetarian challenge just a few days away we have to get ready! Like I said earlier, we will be getting rid of meat but NOT the protien! Protien is important for people who exercise in just a few YOUR MUSCLES are made of the stuff! Sooo, we need to really make sure we're getting the right amount since we're getting rid our usual protien supplier. Without protien, fatigue, injury and amenorrhea are just a few of the problems we'd be facing. No thank you.

Most people need between .36 and .8 grams of protien/pound body weight each day. If you are active you'll obviously be on the higher end of that scale. I'm going to recommend we all get at least .5g/pound body weight each day.

Since we're not eating meat we'll also have to be aware of our Iron, Calcium, Zinc and vB12 intake which we also commonly get from meat sources. Whole grains, veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and soy products will help with the iron, calcium and zinc. Breakfast cereal w/ milk, fortified soy milk, soy/veggie burgers will fill in with vB12.

I'm excited because I think we'll all become more aware of protien and it's importance and learn about alternative protien sources to meat.

I'll be posting more ideas, but for now stock up on:

*hummus *cottage cheese *peanut butter *legumes!! *soy products *veggie burgers(I love the black bean kind) *whole grains *veggies *fruits *nuts *seeds *cereal *protien bars (find one with little sugar...these may help get that protien in if you're having a hard time

Your homework:

*calculate your protien needs with at least .5g protien/pound body weight
*go shopping for some yummy meat alternatives
*email me if you're really in...I need current weight & height, current consumption of meat, age, activity level, current energy level (how you're feeling)...

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Kelly said...


although I'd love for you to scratch all meat, it will still be good info if you want to keep the fish (it's sooo good I understand!) So, email me your data and we'll see what happens!