Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Q and A


Okay, so I've got a question. Two questions, actually.

1) Is there something other than running that I can do for a cardio work out that won't irritate my IT band? I had problems with it after Madison and I ran the other day and it started acting up again, the other knee this time. It gets really tight and feels like it's going to snap. I did the elliptical machine instead, but it isn't as cardio intensive. Any suggestions?

2) How do I get rid of my mommy tummy? I mean, what should I focus on more cardio or ab work out or what? I know I need to do both cardio and strength and some flexibility, but what is most important for this particular "problem"? I was asking Chris last night and we both agreed that I never really got rid of the whole thing after Madison. I lost all the weight and more, but the darn bump never went away...


1. If there's one thing I know about runners, it's that it's hard to replace running! We love it and few things make us feel as good and as happy. However, swimming and possible jumping rope will give you a GREAT cardio workout without irritating your IT band. I've been there before with the IT band and mine acts up every once in a while if I'm not being a good girl and doing to following:

*Weights! Squat, lunges, adductor moves.
*Yoga! one of the best poses for the IT band is the side plank. Start by lying on your side on the ground, legs extending straight. Lift up on one forearm and the outside edge of foot (stack feet). HOLD! Do this on the side that hurts and the other side too just in case! Also do this pose lifted onto your hand, opposite arm stretched in air. Seriously, do yoga! If I'm doing it faithfully NOTHING EVER HURTS!

2. Mommy tummy, oh yes. It sounds like you have a good grasp on the fact that you need to mix up your workout, so I won't go there (but it's important). I won't say that one thing is more important than the other, but how you are performing each of these things could be more of the answer. Going for a fun jog is always great, but a track workout that really kicks your trash a few times a week is going to tone you like never before. Lifting weights is important, but adding plyometrics, kenetic strength training or dynamic movements(lifting weights while performing multi-planar movements), and really kicking your trash a few times a week is a must. Stretching for a few minutes after a workout is smart, but comiting to a serious yoga session and really kicking your trash is going to take you to where you want to be. If you've caught my drift...you really have to kick your trash a few times a week! If I truely had to narrow it down to one thing that can really get your tummy toned like before, I would say kenetic strength training. There, I picked one. ALSO!!! just to cut yourself a break, TIME is an important factor. It takes 2-5 years for a body to recover from a pregnancy. So, getting your best abs back may also be a matter of time off from having babies. Until then, suck it in. Really, just sucking your tummy in throughout the day can build and tone muscle!

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Chi-townRawlins said...

As a woman with a diastasis (which I never even realized I had until after MILES!), make sure to check for it. The tricky thing about these evil pregnancy side effects is that it can be made WORSE if you're not careful about how you train! Grrr.... And Kelly, are you for real that it takes 2-5 years after a pregnancy to get your body back? I've never waited that long to get pregnant AGAIN! So I guess I can't expect my body to get back for real until I'm done having kids?! Is that what you're telling me?!?!