Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Join me for a study

I've alway been interested in the benifits of a vegetarian diet. However, I also feel that meat is important (and tasty) too. I've read several studies on the benifits of eating a vegetarian diet during the summer months including a cooler body temperature and metabolic cleansing and rest. It also seems that during these months it's difficult to avoid eating meat due to all of the parties, bbq's, and baseball games. In an effort to motivate myself to give this summer vegetarian diet a try, I thought I'd make it official and hopefully get some people to join me.

I want to really see if there is a change in the way you feel in response to a summer vegetarian diet. Here are some of the controls I'd like to present in this study for the participants.

*currently consume meat product (pork, chicken, turkey, beef, etc.) at least once every other day (at LEAST!)

*are willing to provide a record of current weight, current amount/type/frequency of meat consumption

*NOT eat meat for 1 month (once the study begins)

*are willing to provide a record of changes seen in weight, overall health, and any other noticible changes

*Study will commence the 14th of July until the following month, the 14th of August.

I know that this may seem a little challenging, but it will help to do it as a group and I would love to provide support along the way. I will post vegetarian recipes and other helps as we go.

Please sign up in the comments below and write any other questions you may have.


Texas Tingey said...

I don't think I'd be a very useful asset to your study, or I'd be in. I don't eat meat very often....once or twice a week...maybe.
Anyway, I am glad I found this blog. Now, Help me! What do I need to do to start a nice easy routine to get back into jogging? I haven't really done much with myself since I got pregnant with my little girl.

Abby & Paxton said...

alright kel- i think i'll try it. man it's gonna be hard. but i am excited and interested to see the results. yippeeee! interesting about feeling cooler when not eating protein. also- clarify your guidelines- did you say eat meat every other day at least, and then a couple bullets down- NOT eat meat? wha? clarify.

Kelly said...

sorry abby...I ment that you do currently eat meat at least once every other day...but once the study begins you will not eat meat for 1 month...hopefully that's now more clear in the above ()!

Keri Hibbard said...

Consider me in. I watched on Oprah the other day about this 21 day meal plan that is vegetarian. It is suppose to help "detoxify" ourself. I can't remember the name so let me get back to you.

Carrie said...

I mainly only eat turkey burger or chicken but I eat it at least every other day.....can I still be in? I don't normally eat beef or pork. Do you think I can still qualify to join you in your study?

Kelly said...


Of course you can join us...I'll just make sure to take note that you don't normally consume a lot of beef or pork...we'll see what happens!

Rochelle and Jeremy Johnson said...

Sounds like an interesting experiment. I hope you post your results after it is over. I'm not willing to be a test subject, I like meat to much and I will be on vacation during part of the time and not have a lot of say in my eating selections. However, I would love to hear about your results afterward. Good luck! (Keri, the diet Oprah did was a 21 day Vegan diet.)

Julie said...

Can we eat fish? If so I am in

Chris and Sarah Wise said...

So this sounds interesting, but with nursing the baby I'm a little concerned. I guess you're nursing, so you'll know how to get the right protein other ways. I might be interested, but I think I need more info on what I CAN eat, first. I'm not very good at getting protein without meat, even though I usually only eat it for dinner.

amanda said...

I posted this on your family blog but I should have just come here. Anyway, I have Kelli's info for you. Just send me your email address again and in addition to her email address I'll forward you her "Food Bites" newsletter she send out to her clients & friends. Great job with your fitness blog by the way.