Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's a Meat thing

Tomorrow makes 1 week of no meat for those trying the vegetarian lifestyle for a month. I just wanted to see how you all are doing, any changes you've notices, difficulties/successes you're having.

A few things that I've heard from "you" are: face is clearing up of zits...or was that the chemical peel from 2 weeks before?, lost 1 pound with no changes besides no meat, feeling lighter, and trying some new foods.

As for myself, I'm feeling pretty good. Just being more aware about protein and making sure I don't accidentally pop some chicken into my mouth has woken me up to a lot of thing. I'm definitely eating more veggies, something that I normally struggle with. Now that I have a normal food missing from my diet, I've turned to broccoli, carrots, beets (yes, I now like beets!), peppers, and cucumbers to fill the hole (and I like it!). I have had a rough time getting the protein that I do need in. I've stocked up on quinoa now and I think that I'll be okay this next week. I feel like I've been eating better all together, just being more aware of what's going on, however, I've also had a problem getting enough calories. I know, sounds like a dumb problem, but before I go to eat something, I think, "I don't eat meat, I shouldn't eat candy, I don't want to eat yucky processed foods, or white pastas....there's nothing to eat!" So, I end up eating nothing and finally not enough. I just bough a bunch of Tupperware and I'm just going to cut up veggies, cook beans, quinoa, etc and have everything ready so I'm not constantly making food, and I think that will help me out on the "there's nothing to eat" problem I've been having. Also, having some freezer vegetarian options will also help.

Again, how are you all doing? Please make sure you're getting enough protein!!!

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Chris and Sarah Wise said...

Okay, so I've got a question. Two questions, actually.

1) Is there something other than running that I can do for a cardio work out that won't irritate my IT band? I had problems with it after Madison and I ran the other day and it started acting up again, the other knee this time. It gets really tight and feels like it's going to snap. I did the elliptical machine instead, but it isn't as cardio intensive. Any suggestions?

2) How do I get rid of my mommy tummy? I mean, what should I focus on more cardio or ab work out or what? I know I need to do both cardio and strength and some flexibility, but what is most important for this particular "problem"? I was asking Chris last night and we both agreed that I never really got rid of the whole thing after Madison. I lost all the weight and more, but the darn bump never went away...