Friday, February 27, 2009

Pre-race excitement!

The big marathon run is tomorrow! I'm really excited! I was really, really excited before yesterday when I caught a little head cold (I think it's TX allergies). I'm hoping to pop a few pills and be able to breathe again. The marathon prep has been really fun. I've had some great long runs and I haven't been training long enough to get sick of EXCITED! We're off to Dallas now to stay with the in-laws and in the morning Jake and I will drive to Cowtown (Ft. Worth) to the starting line.

I just want to thank my cousin Kristen for asking me just one more time to run it...I wouldn't have thought about it again if you hadn't.

I especially want to thank my man, Jake, for giving me the thumbs up. I told him that Kristen had mentioned the marathon again and he said, "Why don't you do it?" I instantly got a big smile on my face and knew I was in! The man sacrifices his Sat. mornings so I can squeeze a 20 miler in to our already full schedules! Gotta love him! I definitely wouldn't have done it if he hadn't given me his support!

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Kristen said...

No, thank you! I love seeing you at races. You are so funny and entertaining, and you are so inspiring!