Sunday, February 8, 2009

Training Log

Who: some crazy lady who decided to run a marathon only one month in advance

What: 16+ miles at a moderate pace, negative splits. I was slow going out because I tortured myself with the thought of tripping over road kill in the dark...I was running rather cautiously.

When: yesterday, Feb. 7th. 5:30am-7:40...I would have started at 5am, but Maria woke up as I was sneaking out the door and I had to get her back to sleep before taking off.

Where: outside, I ran to my dentist's office and back. it was a balmy 60degrees.

Why: because I only have 3 more weeks till race time.

How: with a bag of grapes in one hand...not as good as the clementine from last week/I lugged that baggie the whole way/also poses a choking hazard. in shorts and a t-shirt. I started out with my trusty Kathy Ireland long sleeve that I bought as a sophomore in high-school from Shopko. I've been trying to ditch that thing at races and on long runs for years now, but when it comes down to saying goodbye for good, I always go back. Surprised again...felt great the whole time and played a fun game of tennis with pal Debora afterwards!

Who: girl on first long run in a long time. from 10 mile weeks (training for an unplanned 5k) to 13 in one day.

What: 13 miles easy to moderate, negative splits.

When: last Saturday, Jan 31. 5am to 6:30.

Where: outside in a FREEZING 40 degrees. Luckily at the last second I changed out of my running shorts and into some tights. Donning tights, long sleevy, and beanie I was still cold!

Why: because I'm a runner

How: with a clementine in hand...the perfect long run treat. I just pealed off a piece every few miles beginning after mile 6, plus the peal is bio-degrate so I had no guilty conscience tossing it into the ditch along the way. Suprised! I felt great the whole time and afterwards!


Kristen said...

Wow, speedy Gonzales. You'll do great at the marathon no doubt...I never had any doubt anyway.

The Oylers said...

I am still so impressed