Sunday, February 15, 2009

Training Log

Who: Kelly Swanson

What: 20+ (I always error on the side of more) of fun, fun, fun!

When: Yesterday, Sat. 14th of Feb. 4:40am -7:39am (don't want to give away that minute) including 1 bathroom break (not necessarily in an actual bathroom), 5 pear eating stops, and 2 just making sure I didn't just step on something sick double takes.

Where: all over Northwest Houston...mostly on sidewalks and street, but a bit of comforting trails and grass.

Why: because I just have 2 more weeks till race time!

How: with a pear in one hand, a flashlight in the other, and a little wad of TP in my running shorts pocket (I'm tired of wiping with leaves). In my fav running shorts and t-shirt. Once again, I started out with Kathy Ireland (my old long sleevy), ditched her a few miles into the 66-60 degree weather run, and went back for her at the end. I'm never going to get rid of her. About the pear, very good and energizing, but a little sticky...nothing beats the clementine! About the flashlight, I couldn't take another morning of road kill fear so I thought I'd be smart and take a little light with me. Once out the door and down the street (much to far from home to turn back) I noticed that it was oddly light outside due to an overcast sky reflecting the city light? I don't know why some nights the sky is just lighter, but such it was. FELT GREAT! I continue to be surprised. I started out slow and comfy and kicked it in the last several miles. 3 hours for 20 miles is nothing to brag about, but I was glad I felt good and that I ran negative splits (not hard to do if you start out really slow!). I think I'll use this strategy in the race. Usually I run at a good clip in a marathon and hit a wall about mile 18 and end up "just trying to finish the race." This time if I start out slow, I hope to be feeling good down the last few miles.

Some might say I'm ridiculously excited about this race!

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