Sunday, June 1, 2008

and the Award goes to...

Great job to everyone who finished the 1/2 and full marathon! ...still waiting to hear from the old man who signed up!!??...hopefully he's not lost, wandering the course. I think we all pushed ourselves a little further than usual and I'm glad we did! Yeah! Next time I think I'll make t-shirts!

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Betina said...

Kelly -
So I've tried to get onto "Yoga Journal" to get a yoga workout... but I guess I am supposed to make up my own. Yea, they have all the poses in the world up there, but I am not experienced enough in the art of yoga to know if there is a correct sequence, what comes first... the videos I have done have all been in the "vinyasa" style (I think), and I like the flow of those workouts.

What should I do?