Thursday, June 5, 2008

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I used to run a lot in 2005, after a few months my right knee would get shooting pains up it, on the outside part. It would get so sore I could barely walk. I stopped running and have recently starting to try again however after only 6 1/2 minutes into a run the same pain came right back. Later that day I couldn't even walk down the stairs, going down hurts worse than going up the steps. Anyway I must need to strengthen something so I'm looking for some thoughts! Can you help at all?
Thanks! I hope to hear from you!


Carrie, because your knee hurts worse going down, hurts within just a few minutes of running, and continues to hurt through out the day, I think you may have Patellar Tendinitis. This occurs when tissue breakdown happens faster than regrowth, causing one of the knee-joint tendons to become swollen. This is often caused by increased mileage, hills (especially downhills), and pace. Usually to continue running without treating the problem makes it worse and can prolong recovery. So, I would STOP running, and instead cross-train, ice, take anti-inflammatories, stretch and do exercises to strengthen the joint and quadriceps (like standing adduct and abduct, leg extention, lunges, squats, balancing stuff with the half bosu ball, and YOGA). You can also try wearing a patella strap...sold at most sports stores. I hope this helps and that you can get to feeling better soon!

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Carrie said...

Thanks Kelly! I will start doing your suggestions! I hope it helps! I'd love to loose some weight and for me that means I need to run!