Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yummy Carbs

I've made whole wheat bread about twice in my life. Once under the supervision of my mom. I can't remember how it turned out because I was too young. The second time I made it as a college student and could barely get the knife through the loaf it was sooo dense and unpalatable. That put to rest any future thoughts of making my own bread, until now that is. My pal has taken the time to show me how to make her bread and even gave me a whole loaf to try. I am usually not a big bread eater for no specific reason, just not too interested in it. I ate this whole loaf in a matter of days. So, check it out. WHOLE WHEAT HONEY BREAD.


abby & paxton said...

yummy sounds good. but my diet lately has been to CUT CARBS!! It's SO HARD! I used to not really take note of all the carbs I eat, but now that I am, I ate a lot! Luckily I still worked out lots and burned a lot of it off, but it's hard to cut carbs. Unlike you, I LOVE BREADS :) I still will be making this bread sometime. :) he. Any low carb diet suggestions?

Chi-townRawlins said...

That recipe looks similar to my mom's recipe that I love to make. We go through a lot of bread in our house - we're whole-wheat-bread-aholics, so I can't make it often enough to keep up since I don't usea bread maker. And it's best when I don't, anyway, because I end up just slathering it in butter and honey and eating twice as much as usual. Yep. We loooooooove our carbs at Chez Rawlins.