Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yoga for Balance

Here's another vinyasa you can look up on and see pics. Having balance is so touches on everything you do all day. It's also something that can be improved very quickly if you have none!

Balancing Series

5 poses…eagle pose, on right and left, then Standing Leg Raise, Front: Standing Leg Raise, side; and Airplane as a flow first on right side then left. Dancers Pose on own four times—right leg, left leg, repeat.

1. Eagle Pose
Right arm under left..elbows shoulder high. Bend knees to 45 right leg over left.
Two times on each side, end in Samasthiti
2. Standing Leg Raise, Front
Grasp big toe with fingers
3. Standing Leg Raise, Side
4. Airplane Pose (Dekasana)
Balance on 1 leg, hands on hips, right knee in to chest…in liquid motion, exhale and hinge forward and extend right leg behind. Open arms like wings
Lower leg and roll back to standing. Hands in Namaste on exhale and repeat the sequence of standing leg raise, front, side and airplane on the left side, end in Samasthiti

5. Dancer’s Pose
Grab inside of right foot with thumb pointing up. Inhale and stretch forward—hold 5 breaths and release and helicopter arms to change sides…repeat and end in Samasthiti.
6. Tree Pose

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