Thursday, June 5, 2008

another note

After writing the vinyasas below I also wanted to add that I often run through the Sun Salutation a few times and then get to work on a specific move I'm trying to improve. I'll practice the headstand or dolphin or back bend for a while and then end in another Sun Salutation. Yoga isn't competitive and maybe I shouldn't just stop and work on a specific move, but I often get excited about mastering something new, not that yoga is about mastering things, and being able to hold a challenging pose. Yes, yoga is all about the present and flowing with the flow and rolling with the homies...but this girl is just a little too competitive for all of that sometimes. Don't tell.

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Carrie said...

I don't know where else to ask because I need your email.... here's mine:
It's Carrie from Baltimore Brick Bodies! I always keep up with you on your site!
Anyway, I used to run a lot in 2005, after a few months my right knee would get shooting pains up it, on the outside part. It would get so sore I could barely walk. I stopped running and have recently starting to try again however after only 6 1/2 minutes into a run the same pain came right back. Later that day I couldn't even walk down the stairs, going down hurts worse than going up the steps. Anyway I must need to strengthen something so I'm looking for some thoughts! Can you help at all?
Thanks! I hope to hear from you!