Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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I hope this is you- I have a question about running shoes. I bought some in December but haven't really ran in them, just working out. I ran Monday night and this morning and rubbed a blister on the arch of my foot. ( I am flat footed). Is it the shoes or do I need an insert or what do you think?


Hello there!

What kind of "working out" did you do in the shoes? A lot of side movements is going to wear your shoes much differently than running (straight forward)...and this might be the culprit. I don't think the shoe is worn out, but you may need a pair strickly for running and another for other working out. I'm not a big fan of inserts because they usually mask a larger problem...but this might also depend on what you're willing to pitch out moola wise. I always encourage people to own 2 pairs of running shoes and rotate them...they'll last as long as 3 pairs! But if you are going to do a class or something you'll be fine with one pair for aerobics and one pair for running...that will give your shoes time to pump back up between workouts, thus extending their life.



I just want to know what your fitness routine is, Kelly, and what the heck do you eat??



My fitness routine changes a lot depending on what I'm training for. I love to break up the year into marathon training and 5k training...I know it's a drastic change, but I love it. 5k training time is usually less time consuming and includes more weight lifting and lots of speed workouts...I love to go fast! My most regular routines include running, yoga, and weights. I love to add a spin class when I can and LOVE to rock climb whenever possible. I've also recently purchased Capoeira 100 and can't wait to get into's fun and a GREAT workout!

As far as eating, we all know that is different for each person based on height, age and what a healthy weight for you is. I will be posting a normal eating day in the life of Kelly, but that's for someone who is 5'6", 120 lbs and training for a 5k :) I'll also be posting several differnt eating stay tuned and make sure to check out the Food Pyramid link on the side for more help.

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"I will post a normal eating day in the life of Kelly." I would like that.