Monday, February 25, 2008

A diet in the life of Kelly

Okay, here's a normal day of eating for me...keeping in mind, I'm training for a 5k, which means I usually run light at 120lbs, instead of 130 which is marathon weight (I have to eat tons more just to have energy to do the training).

Morning Run:
I always run before I eat...sometimes that means I eat breakfast a little late, like on days I go out with the babe in the running stroller.

Serving Size of cereal w/ skim milk
I love frosted shredded wheat...possibly the one cereal with the most fiber AND tasty!

a bit later:
a piece of fruit (banana, mango, strawberries are some of my favs.)

sandwich with just a slice or two of turkey deli meat, mustard and lettus & TOMATO..YUM! and some carrots or bell peppers

a bit later:
YOGURT...I LOVE it can't live without it

Throughout the day:
swigs (I have my own jug and like to chug better than use a glass)of V8 and Juice

Anything from stir fry to turkey burgers! a fruit and veggie.

a bit later:
serving size of ICE CREAM!

Tips for your day:
I describe the problem in most people's diets as "Fat Free America." Everyone is worried about fat and 100 calorie snacks, but we're all still overweight! How could this be? Every successful diet I've studied and seen lies in being generally health conscious and using portion control. YES, you can have a bowl of ice cream every night...IF you're not eating the WHOLE PINT! I don't buy fat free stuff or worry about counting my calories. I don't eat out of little preservative packages or have kiddie snacks (I'm not a kiddie anymore!). I have tuned my body into knowing when I am full and then I stop eating! In general I use smaller tableware than most Americans...instead of those huge plates that won't fit inside the cabinet, I have a smaller set. I believe that we have great variety of foods available to us and that we can eat right without protein shakes and supplements.

We all have different needs as well. Sometimes I have a sweet tooth, but instead of running for a cookie or candy I have a yogurt, fruit or a 'swig' of juice. I know people that wouldn't dream of wasting calories on juice, but will instead eat a few brownies throughout the day. Hum. I'm not a crazy health nut and I still like a treat, but I indulge occasionally instead of constantly.

Most people need to re tune their appetites. It has taken me a while to get my body and mind working together to KNOW when I am full. I usually eat too fast, but instead of chowing down on another sandwich, I go and do something else for 1/2 hour and then think about my stomach again to decide if I need more food or not. This is IMPORTANT because it takes about 20 minutes for the body to register that it is satisfied. Most people eat and eat and eat until they fill full right then. Many people enjoy the feeling of being REALLY full. You have to program your body away from this feeling, this can take time and effort, but is very rewarding in the end (future posts will cover more on this topic, including the benefits of fasting).

Most importantly this is a day in my diet life. You'll probably have different caloric nees based on height, current weight, exercise and just the way your own body functions. If you are struggling with this, it is a great idea to enlist the help of a trainer, dietition, nutritionist who can design a program that's just right for you. Nothing is more important than your health and how you ties into all other aspects of life. Eat well and enjoy!


Sam and Brittany said...

So I hadn't checked this blog in a few days but it is seriously fabulous and really helpful! I love it!

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

Have you heard of Luna bars? What do you think about those as a snack. I know you said no preserved packaged snacks, and I agree but Luna bars are a staple for me.

Kelly said...

I've had my share of Luna bars and think they're pretty tasty! I think they're fine as long as you're not eating them on TOP of a meal. As a snack or meal replacement...great! It really helps to have a little something something in the afternoon too. Try to keep it to everyother day and mix in an apple/veggie snack too.

molly said...

That is so fascinating! And helpful too. hmm.. you seem to get more glucose than I do. I had come to the conclusion that the secret to fitness is spending more time in the kitchen preparing low glycemic food, having a personal chef, or a harem. Then I found Bethanny Frankel on YouTube last night and I found new motivation. This post also helps. Thank you Kelly!

HoustonMamaJenn said...

I am like you-I LOVE YOGURT. Do you flavor plain yogurt or have a favorite over the counter one? I just figured out a good homemade one but I still love the other ones better but don't like the amount of sugar they have in them. There are some days that I have a serving of yogurt with each meal. Obviously I'm not trying to lose weight but I do love to eat healthy. What are your suggestions amazing fitness coach and advisor woman???