Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monday Motivation

I was recently talking with a good pal and she remarked how she would be starting her exercise plan today. We talked about the side effects of NOT EXERCISING:
one is usually less productive throughout the day, eats more/worse (interesting!), feels about a downward spiral! Who wants to go through all of that when instead, you can workout, feel good, get lots done, eat healthier and look better? Hum. There are usually about a million + one excuses people use to NOT EXERCISE, but most are easily resolved. You probably know how to resolve your own do it!

Here are a few things that help me stay motivated:

Sign up. Sign up for a race, an event a competition that you'll have to train for. This gives you a goal and a deadline. Whether you want to win, finish or just not embarrace yourself, you will be motivated.

Plan ahead. Since I usually workout in the early morning I think about my workout the night before. This helps take the decision out of exercising. I already know what I'm going to do and don't have to even think about it come morning. I also have time to get excited about it. If one option doesn't sound appealing, I think of something else that I can do that will give me the exercise I need. I even put my clothing/shoes/socks out the night I don't have to stumble around in the myself time to chicken out and hop back in bed.

I think of how good I'll feel later. If you skip out on your workout you usually feel guilty about it later...instead of feeling good...hum (another no brainer!).

So, whether you've already pumped up your heart rate for the day or you're debating on getting at it now, JUST DO IT!

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