Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get over it

Never say "abs" again! Appearently we all (myself included) need to get over 'abs' and start thinking core or pillar strength to include the stomach, hips and shoulders...according to one of my new reads Core Performance.
"[There] is a tendency to think of movement as starting from the limbs...Uncountable exercise programs promise bigger arms or sexier legs as a primary benefit. Movement, however, starts from the very center of the body, the core area of the torso...we refer to the torso as the pillar..." The way we maintain that pillar and its alignment and function directly correlate to the health of our organs and the rest of our bodies"(p.27)

Further reading points out that by simply strengthening and perfecting the pillar we can improve all other aspects of our training, including injury prevention, power, flexablility and endurance.

The first step to this is posture. Begin each strength training movement with good posture, work on it and soon maintain it throughout the entire day.

Perfect Posture:
Shoulder blades pulled back and down
Tummy drawn up and in
Ears should be in line with your shoulders
Hips in line with knees
Knees in line with ankles
-if seated, ears in line with hips

Here are some more Core Strengthening moves that I'm dying to have you all try out! A few are probably old news, but there are probably some new cool ones that you can try.


mckenzi said...

Hey, these videos are great options to the floor routine! I ordered the 'Core Performance' book just now. The 'Turbo Jam' video has a great 'core' workout. I am interested in strengthening my upper back as part of my core routine. Then my upper and lower body can follow.

I just learned that I have PCOS (polycystic ovaries). I produce excessive testosterone so I look like I overeat when I do not. Fortunately this is treatable now that I know what's wrong. This Blog will help.

Jewels said...

While I was reading this post I realized I was sort of hunched over my keyboard like a troll. Hmm, could that be why my lower back hurts sometimes? So I quickly adjusted my posture as you stated - shoulders back, tummy in - GREAT tips! This is something I need to be aware of. I do try to maintain good posture when I'm standing, but I rarely think of it when I sit down - so important to maintain it constantly. Thanks!