Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being Hard Core is Hard

The 10k is just a few days away and I'm really excited. I really got some good running done in August, but September just didn't go the way I'd planned. A bum leg and a hurricane really slowed me down. This little set back in my training schedule helped me to remember the real reason that I run. It's not to set a PR every time or Win Win Win, although I really like to, I run because I like to and it makes me feel good.

Running helps me eat better food (it's that running peridime we've talked about before), and feel better in my jeans. It helps me destress. I love being outside, enjoying nature. I like being strong and having energy to take care of my kids. I love other runners. I love an excuse to look in other people's windows. I love looking like a wierd-o as I do some crazy workout.

With my first post partum race this Saturday, I'm glad I got to remember what it's all about!

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