Friday, May 16, 2008

Tag Team 200's

Last night I was achin' for some fast stuff. My dad is in town, also my first running partner, so we jogged over to the neighborhood track for a 200 workout. We had the girls with us, so we loaded up some beach toys and stuck them in the long jumping sand pit. They had a blast. How did we both watch the girls and get a very successful 200 workout in? My dad started and ran his 200 (in 35 seconds!!!!) and then jogged the second 200 over to the sand pit. Then I took off for my 200 + jog. We ran 8x200 all under 35 seconds! The extra time rest time while watching the girls probably helped a bit, but I was pretty happy with ourselves :) It was an incredible night with perfect can one resist a run?

So, if you can find a crazy running person near you, you'll have time to fit in some tag team 200's and watch your kids.

By the way, Maria also completed her first 400 meter race. She's pretty darn fast!

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