Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No turning back

My sweat is still drying from the race today! Side aches plagued me from mile 11-13, but I outran them to mile 17. I logged my miles on the treadmill at home today. Not my favorite, however, I pictured a 6 mile loop I used to run in high school and pretended to be there instead. It was kind of nice running my old route. I know it so well I could pace myself for every mile! I ran that loop EVERYDAY one summer!

Hope everyone is running well! Hopefully you're pretty close to your halfway point. Make sure to stop at the water's HOT!


Melissa and Chris said...

Hi Kelly, I came across your blog somehow and I love it. I'm currently training for a Half Marathon in September and I'm going to use this blog as inspiration along the way!

Keri Hibbard said...

I am at mile 7, only 6.2 to go

Chi-townRawlins said...

Did 3.77 miles this morning for a total of 9.27 miles so far this week. I have a 4 miler scheduled tomorrow so I'll hit my goal! Hooray!

Chi-townRawlins said...

I was up and pounding the pavement at 6 am to hit the last 4 miles. Count me finished! Woo hoo! This was definately the challenge I needed to push myself harder than normal! Great idea. Thanks, Kelly!