Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Power Yoga

Just another yoga horn I'd like to toot! I just finished reading over "Journey into Power" by Baron Baptiste. Baron pretty much invented power yoga and brought yoga into the lime-light as he made it popular among the stars. His book covers everything from the meditative side of yoga, to a clean diet, to multiple vinyasas. Although there were only 2 poses that I've never taught, just reading it over made me excited to hit the mat!
I like Baron's approach in teaching every person to be their own self. The point of yoga is not to push and shove yourself into a pretzel position, but to allow yourself to find where your body can naturally take you. The series of vinyasas he depicts are great for beginners and advanced, so this is a book you can grow with.

If you're a first timer, I'm still going to recommend a video or class, so you can actually see and hear what you're supposed to do, but once you're familiar with some of the poses and language, this book is great.

What I'd really like to get across here is that I really do not think there is any substitute for yoga practice in a healthy lifestyle. It has a way of centering you, making you more aware of your choices, and freeing you that is incomparable. I know there is value in flexibility and muscle strength as we age. Yoga give us that...keeping us young and light. Sadly, there are people out there who won't give yoga a good try. Either it's too weird, uncomfortable, or even painful. Luckily, you can make yoga what you want it to be. A nice stretch after your workout. A time to meditate and grow. A strength training program. Whatever! I challenge everyone to give yoga a solid effort for two weeks. You'll notice what was "painful" at first quickly melts into relaxing and rejuvenating. That's what's exciting about yoga as well...you'll quickly see improvement!

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molly said...

“a book you can grow with.” I feel good about that. Yoga is a form of prayer. Go see Beth Hymas last post if you need a good laugh :)