Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hair: hair shaft (hair that has projected from the scalp or skin, or HAIR) differ in size, shape, and color. In the eyebrows, they are short and stiff, but on the scalp they are longer and more flexible. Oval-shaped hair shafts produce wavy hair. Flat or ribbonlike hair shafts produce kinky or curly hair. Perfectly round hair shafts produce straight hair. (p. 101 Body by Design: From the Digestive Systeem to the Skeleton)

Poop: No digestion takes place in the large intestine, only the reabsorption or recovery of water. As more and more water is removed from that material, it become compacted into soft masses (we hope) called poop! Poop is compsed of water, cellulose and other indigestible material, and dead and living bacteria. (This is the best part)The remnants of worn red blood cells give poop it's brown color...huh.
(p. 44 Body by Design: From the Digestive System to the Skeleton)


molly said...

hmm.. fascinating! Thank you for these notes.

Kristen said...

A poop topic...a true Smith. At least the ones I'm used to. ;) I should bring my ribbon to the reunion (you are going right?) and we can have a bow making party.