Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Motivation

Run something fast this week!


abby & paxton said...

hey kel thanks for the motivation! so, I know i can just look up my questions myself, but I know that you just love answering everyone's questions, and it's just easier to ask you then wait til the next morning to hear the answer:) So- i have 2 questions :) First is What can you do, while running, to alleviate the pain of a side ache? I've tried breathing out on the side of the pain as I step down, and I've tried contracting my abs(which works pretty well) but is there anything else?
And then, Are "organic foods" really that much healthier for you? Do you really see significant differences in 'organic' food and your health?
Well, ok that's about all I have. Thanks for all your help. And-- aren't you supposed to be having the baby like THIS WEEK??

molly said...

And what can we do about exercise induced asthma and burning lungs while running? I heard once that this can be overcome. Do you know of any swim competitions I can join around here?

Kelly said...

Molly, where do you live?