Monday, March 29, 2010

Training Log

I finally ran my 5k! A nearby town has $1 races every 2nd and 4th Saturday. I wasn't expecting in very many people, but there was a nice turnout of 100. It ran pretty smoothly and low key...just my style! I liked it a lot because there wasn't a huge crowd to maneuver around.

I ended up getting 3rd overall behind two men that I'm totally going to take next time. I ran my normal low 19 mins (19:10). I'm just dying to break into 18! I've done it quite a few times in practice, but never in an actual race. I think being more familiar with the course will help. I really didn't know where I was or where the finish was. I probably would have turned it on earlier had I known. One of the guys was just a few steps in front of me, but by the time I realized the race was almost over, I didn't have enough time to get him.

I also did THE UNTHINKABLE in this race...yes, I wore earphones. I've never done it before and felt so morally torn at the thought of racing to music. I figured why not give it a try on a $1 race? ...and my opinion? I'm not a fan. I didn't necessarily concentrate on the music, but it was enough of a distraction that not many of my own thoughts were coming through. Maybe I would have noticed that the end of the race was near had I not been groovin' with Linkin Park? It kind of gave me a headache. Will I try it again...probably. It was kind of nice not to hear my tired, hurting thoughts either. Although I have to say, I don't think I had many of those. I felt really good in the race and just fine when I finished. What does that mean? I CAN GO FASTER!!!!

It was really fun to get out and run a quick race!


Ashley said...

Congrats! That is are super fast girl!

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Michelle said...

I am supposed to run a half marathon on April 23rd. My knees have been giving me tons of problems though. It is totally stressing me out. The doc gave me some anti-inflammatory pills and is sending me to physical therapy. Do you have any advice?

Kelly said...


knees are tricky things. Can you describe the pain a bit more. Do they hurt all the time, feel better after you've warmed up, inside, under the knee cap, popping???

richie bignell said...

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