Wednesday, March 10, 2010

thinking like a loser

more inspiration from the house of losers.

Watching The Biggest Loser last night I was impressed with what O'Neal had to say. While working at the food bank he commented that he felt good giving back...that it was ironic how he'd eaten so much (more than his fair share) food, while others struggle just to get something on their plate. He also remarked that "what goes around, comes around." Why yes!

There are several ways this can relate, but let's stick to food. If we are always taking more than our fair share of food, it really does come back to bite the oversized the form of type II diabetes, heart attack, tiredness, low self-esteem...etc. I like this thought because it adds a different form of motivation for me. Not just the I want to look good or live long kind, but perhaps the even higher form of keeping things, the circle of life (if you will), in harmony.

LOVING the CHALLENGE! Helps keep me healthy at night. This may be a lifelong (or at least the next few weeks) thing.

Oh, also amazing how O'Neal used to be such a machine. He was a serious athlete and served in the military, green beret and all (I think). He really looked amazing...super in shape. AMAZING how it all went out the door and he weighs several 100 lbs! Just goes to slip on the slope.

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