Friday, March 19, 2010

Challenge Clarifications

What does No Preservatives mean to you? There are many ways to preserve food, and most of them are actually fine and dandy. Salt, dehydration, canning, pickling, smoking... and since almost everything we eat, unless grown in our own backyard, includes preservatives, what in the ding dong are we going to eat? and why attempt a No Preservative Week? Mostly to steer clear of refined carbohydrates found in most packaged goods. Secondly, to try and get a little closer to how nature intended life to be. So, here's the goal in my head. No packaged snackies. No gummies, no crackers, no chips. I'm going to (as always) make my own bread, make some healthy snacks, and try to get as close as possible to the real thing. I've done this in the past was able to notice that even giving up Teddy Grahams has a big effect on my bod. Now that it's clear as mud, this week, like I said, is mostly up to you. Just try to find ways to go homemade and more natural.


i'll post my most excellent bread recipe tonight!


LeeAnn and Boys said...

okay--I'm in who likes really likes gooey fudge filled icecream topped packaged cookies anyway?

Walker family said...

I'm in but I already know there will be one day that I won't do so well. We are having a dinner for a church thing and I know there are going to be boxed brownies...mostly because I am making them...ha ha! I am not making from scratch brownies to feed 70 people!

Anonymous said...

I'm in. I have a crazy week at work and then managing stuff at home so I'm spending the weekend to plan everything out. I'm totally using your lucky 13 bar recipe and yes, share your bread recipe too!

Anonymous said...

I am in this week! ... better late than NEVER! Anyway, Keri told me about your challenge for NO SUGAR for a YEAR!!??? does that count when making bread? or Lucky 13 bars?? anyway, Keri and I will start right after Easter! I already bought her Cadbury carmel eggs!!! love ya MOM