Tuesday, June 9, 2009


While making all of these diets and including my own diet in the process...I've make some deep commitments to salad. I've always liked it, especially all dressed up with chicken and mandarins, but I've never been truly committed to The Salad. You know just the romaine + ice burg + spring greens + spinach + radishes + carrots type.

I'm am now committed. We have a salad at EVERY dinner.

Your challenge? Commit to The Salad --that's the nothing fancy, just the good stuff type --every night for SEVEN DAYS!


*BTW: Menopause Gal has lost 10 lbs in a week and 2 days. Yes, a lot of weight, but it came off quick just cause she was eating the wrong stuff for what her body was going through. She wants 5 more lbs off and is going to continue with the diet another week. We will then revamp it and up the calories.

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