Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Yoga Likes

Always on the look out for new vinyasas or different yoga poses, I found THIS and LOVE it.
Great for the knees and good for the tone.

Here's how my yoga class is currently operating.

Monday is about toning up and building strength. We move through the poses quickly, but add repetitions and do some lifts. I think of it as prep work for more advanced positions. Some students have now moved into the advanced poses and practice these while the rest continue building muscle and balance. We also spend some time in inverted poses.

Wednesday is endurance work. We warm up with the Sun Salutation and move right into all three warrior poses. We hold I and II for 2 minutes and Warrior III for 1 minute and a bit. We hold Downward Facing Dog for 3 minutes. We do a bit of plank work, holding in Plank Neutral and Star. This past week I also added THESE dancing moves and everyone enjoyed it. It's summer time here and I don't turn the AC on in our room, so we're all sweating pretty good--we love it!

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