Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Here are totals for weeks 1-4. Get your numbers in...we are now in week 7!

Kim: 369

Ryan: 327

Michelle: 319

LeeAnn: 274

Melissa: 179

Hannah: 174

Ellen: 131

Pam: 120

Jeni: 79

We're in our final weeks! Pour it on and go strong to the end. I think these might be the hardest weeks coming up...so don't let down your guard.

Points for articles:

Melissa and Hannah- Please supply us all an article on FAT...why it's important/how much is good/how much is too much/what the difference is between Saturated, Trans, Unsaturated, etc.

Kim-Please supply us an article on PROTEIN... what are good sources/same stuff as above

Ellen-Please supply us an article on CARBOHYDRATES...same as above


*write in a comment on how this experience has been for you: 2 points total

*write in a comment on how this challenge could be improved: 3 points total

*do 65 walking lunges in a row without stopping: 2 points total


The Oylers said...

hey i just realized i never gave you my points for the last two weeks. week 5 i think it was i got 41 and week 6 was 44. I know terrible. I just get worse and worse.

Weinberger Family said...

Okay, sorry I am getting these points to you so late. I got 66 last week. Not very good. :(

Ryan said...

This experience has been great for me! Even though there were times that i was definitely frustrated with not being able to indulge like I normally would, it's so nice to start of the New Year feeling great.

I think the challenge could be improved with more consistency from the beginning. Also, I would post the standings/updates more regularly and I agree with Michelle about some sort of penalty for people who can't get their numbers in!

Thanks for the experience, Kelly. I'm glad I did it!

LeeAnn and Boys said...

I liked the challenge so much--always good to shoot for something! I think most of us were to blame for things like late point posting late article posts etc.