Monday, December 8, 2008


Here are the current standings with totals from 3 weeks. Lots of you have all 4 weeks in, but I'm still waiting for a few.

Kim 270

Michelle 234

Ryan 233

LeeAnn 199

Hannah 126

Melissa 125

Ellen 107

Pam 92

Jeni 55

No matter at where you're on the list, be happy that you're ON IT! Good job for making an effort and I only hope that you will double your efforts for the next couple of weeks until the challenge is over. Remember Jan. 1 is going to come whether you've been healthy or not...might as well feel good about it.

Don't forget to read LeeAnn's article on FIBER this week for extra points and check out the extra bonus points only for WEEK 5...which we're now in.

**one clarification, the 1 point for adding PLYOMETRICS to your workout is included in you minutes, not in addition. So if you workout for 50 mins and make the last 10 minutes plyometircs, then you get points for a 60 min. workout PLUS the PLYO point. Just ask if there are other questions!


Weinberger Family said...

Okay here is my personal opinion. I think you should have to have your points in by Monday morning at 10:00 or there is some sort of point penalty! It is really not that hard to send them in.


The Oylers said...

mu points for last week 48...and this week i am kicking it. hey what are you guys doing next saturday i was thinking maybe the lights downtown and the galleria and dinner
let me know