Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This guy ROCKS!

Happy Healthiday Challenge

Here is the point system that we will use for the Healthiday Challenge. Please copy and paste it into a Word document, print it off and wallpaper it all over your kitchen. I want everyone to get serious about this and jump in with two feet. No balancing on the fence. Don't start this challenge wondering if you'll finish it or if you'll really do it...that sinks. Just do it!

Before getting started, I need everyone to email me/comment (this will remain confidential) their WEIGHT, HEIGHT, WAIST/THIGH/BICEPS MEASUREMENTS.

Everyone also needs to pick a healthy eating plan. If you like Weight Watchers, South Beach, whatever....email/comment what plan you will be following. You can make your own, and I RECOMMEND this, using the mypyramid website, check it out. To make a plan on this site, start with My Pyramid Plan. I love the menu planner!

On to the POINTS:

One chance points

*Participate in this challenge with a friend. Email/Comment who you will be partnering up with. -4 POINTS

Daily points

*1 serving of vegetables. -1 POINT
*1 serving of fruit. -1 POINT
*1 cup of water. -1 POINT
*30 mins. of exercise. -1 POINT
*45 mins. of exercise. -2 POINTS
*60 mins of exercise. -3 POINTS
*Follow your healthy eating plan. -2 POINTS

Challenge points

*Try a new exercise class or video. -1 POINT
*Watch the Supersize movie. -1 POINT
*Try a new sport *(play tennis, go rock climbing, jump rope, rowing, golfing, basketball...something that you haven't tried before). -3 POINTS
*Play outside with your kids (cross the monkey bars, build a snowman, play tag, ride bikes). -1 POINT
*Plan, organize, and execute a fun run/walk, sporting event, yoga session, healthy eating plan for 5 or more people*. -3 POINTS

Bonus points

*6 days of exercise. -1 POINT
*5 days of sticking to healthing eating plan. -2 POINT
*Checking in with your partner 3 times during the week. -2 POINTS

Education points

Each week I will assign a partnership or individual to research and post an interesting, health related article. You will submit this article to me via email/comments.
*Accept assignment and Post Related Article. -2 POINTS
*Read posted article and comment. -1 POINT

My Email: ellom8@hotmail.com

*please okay these points with me before commencing.

Santa will be coming soon. You can either look like him, or have a nice wad of cash in your back pocket. You choose.

I hope that everyone will jump on the sleigh, find a partner, and get started. Please send your $10 into me ASAP! You're not officially in until I have a money commitment. We will begin the 10th of NOVEMBER...next Monday! Write in with questions or other discrepancies and we'll get the kinks out before starting date.

You WILL REPORT your points to me at the end of each week (AKA SUNDAY EVENING).


Kim...Kindred said...

So on the daily points, if we have, for example, 2 cups of veggies is that 2 points or do we just get 1 point/day associated with veggies, fruits, water etc.? (sorry if that is a dumb question).

Kelly said...


that would be 1 point per serving...you'd BETTER be eating more than one serving...so for each serving a point...hum...2 servings = 2 points/3 servings = 3 points and so on

Kim...Kindred said...

Gotchya. Just makin sure!!

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

kel I want to do it but I am having a hard time finding the motivation! HELP!

Weinberger Family said...

Okay Kelly, I am gonna do it. I will email you today with my stats. I am also trying to get a friend to do it with me. You are amazing!


LeeAnn and Boys said...

lisa guardipee and LeeAnn are going to be partners. Yeah

Sam and Brittany said...

Man, I want to but I don't know how to keep track of all of this stuff! yowza. However, I used to track my food on mypyramid so I am inspired to get that started. This is very tempting....but who am I kidding?