Thursday, November 20, 2008

Challenge Standings

Sorry it has taken all week to get these points out, but with the number recall and waiting on people to get their numbers in it is the best I can do. I am still missing numbers from a FEW people, you can't win unless you report!

Kim: 86
Ryan: 67
Michelle: 66
Pam: 42
Ellen: 33
Jeni: 24

Great job with you points this week...and reporting! Like I said, I have yet to hear from several people. Hopefully you didn't just give me money for nothing!

Extra Credit assignment this week goes to Jeni and Sarah. I want an article, tips, info, whatever on FIBER! Email it to me at and then I will get it posted on here. You both will get 2 points for suppling the article and everyone else will get 1 point if they read it and comment.

Keep going!

1 comment:

The Oylers said...

just checking to see if you got either mine or melissas numbers?