Sunday, November 16, 2008

Numbers Please

Everyone get you numbers in tonight for your first week of the challenge!

On another note, I'd like to give a tip here.
When on a healthy eating plan or diet plan, one might be tempted to go the FAT FREE or LOW FAT route. You've probably all heard health/nutrition experts encouraging a diet LOW IN FAT. A low fat diet is essential to weight management and good health, however I think the term is often confused. Instead of consuming smaller portions of cake/french fries/ chips/cookies/pizza, people find a FAT FREE or LOW FAT version of their favorite food and loose all restraint. I RARELY/NEVER buy anything FAT FREE or LOW FAT 1. because it usually doesn't taste as good and 2. because it is important to have some fat in your diet and 3. because I don't go overboard on my portions so I don't have to worry about the side effects.

My point is this. A diet low in fat doesn't mean a diet high in FAT FREE/LOW FAT foods. It means, eat less of things that are high in fat. My other point is this: STOP BUYING FAT FREE and LOW FAT products and just control your portion size. Enjoy the full taste and flavor that your favorite foods have to offer and that naturally fatty foods come with, just don't fill up an empty belly on these fatty foods.

And so, I give you my current addiction:

Wish-Bone Rasberry Hazelnut vinaigreete dressing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (NOT the low fat kind)
Feta cheese


My friend made a similar salad with spinach, cranberries and pecans. YUMMILICIOUS!

I crave this salad everyday. Around lunch I think, "hum, what do I want to eat..I'm starving!" and then I get a big smile on my face and pull out all of these tasty salad ingredients!

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Kristen said...

You need to tell me why people gain weight while training for a marathon...I am ok with it, if I know it peels off as soon as you are finished training.