Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Number Recall

I just got some great/crazy numbers in from you all which made me realize I need to do a NUMBER RECALL! I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but there were a few things I didn't think about enough before making the point system.

I made changes to Daily Points (especially the water), and Challenge Points.

So, here we go.

One chance points

*Participate in this challenge with a friend. Email/Comment who you will be partnering up with. -4 POINTS

Daily points

*1 serving of vegetables. -1 POINT/5 POINT LIMIT
*1 serving of fruit. -1 POINT/4 POINT LIMIT
*48 oz water. -1 POINT/1 POINT LIMIT
*30 mins. of exercise. -1 POINT
*45 mins. of exercise. -2 POINTS
*60 mins of exercise. -3 POINTS/3 POINT LIMIT
*Follow your healthy eating plan. -2 POINTS

If you have questions as to what a serving size is go HERE

Challenge points-you can complete one challenge per week, you may not repeat a challenge point. New/different Challenge Points will be added throughout the Healthiday Challenge.

*Try a new exercise class or video. -1 POINT
*Watch the Supersize movie. -1 POINT
*Try a new sport *(play tennis, go rock climbing, jump rope, rowing, golfing, basketball...something that you haven't tried before). -3 POINTS
*Play outside with your kids (cross the monkey bars, build a snowman, play tag, ride bikes). -1 POINT
*Plan, organize, and execute a fun run/walk, sporting event, yoga session, healthy eating plan for 5 or more people*. -3 POINTS

Bonus points

*6 days of exercise. -1 POINT
*5 days of sticking to healthing eating plan. -2 POINT
*Checking in with your partner 3 times during the week. -2 POINTS

Education points

Each week I will assign a partnership or individual to research and post an interesting, health related article. You will submit this article to me via email/comments.
*Accept assignment and Post Related Article. -2 POINTS
*Read posted article and comment. -1 POINT

My Email: ellom8@hotmail.com

*please okay these points with me before commencing.

You WILL REPORT your points to me at the end of each week (AKA SUNDAY EVENING).

1 comment:

The Oylers said...

Okay I know that these are super late. but this week has been long and sort of sucky. Anyways...I think I did your (second)point system correctly and I got 51 points. I don't really know if that is good or bad, but thats what I got. And I am sorry I forgot to pay you on Sunday when I saw you for my sister and I. Melissa is my sister in case you didn't know who she is. And I am working on my measurements for you too.
Hope you are having an awesome week