Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Call

Alrighty then, here are the names of those who are in for the jump off.

Pam, Deanna, Abby, Ellen, Kristen (?), Julie, Hannah, Ryan, Jeni, Jenn, Jake

Go here for all the rules. This thing starts tomorrow, so make sure you write in by the end of the day with your numbers.

Yippy and Have Fun.


Lewis Family said...

Can I be in still?
I'm gonna use my pedometer and see how badly I can lose this contest!

Lewis Family said...

p.s. I can do it in as many small sessions as I want then add up the total, right?

The Oylers said...

Are the rules the same ones you posted we can jump however, we need to count and we need to report eachday?

Kelly said...

yes, the rules are the I should be hearing from you all tonight with numbers

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is from someone who sat at a desk for 9.5 hrs today; spent 2.0 hours sitting in a car (commuting to work; driving hubby around the valley while he put up campaign signs, my count is 1002 jumps. I hope I am not dead last because my legs feel dead right now. Pam