Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Barefoot vs Shoes

In college I presented a speech on running barefoot and the benefits you can gain from running sin zapatos. The human foot is designed to run without shoes on, but these days you'd need a pedi after every session just to keep from looking like a horse. Shoes do protect and cushion, but sometimes to our disadvantage. All of that cushion keeps the foot from developing full strength and flexibility. This is one of the reasons I chose to jump rope barefooted. I jump on carpet so it's soft, but I do use this little bit of time / exercise to strength my feet which can help prevent other injuries in the future. I also like to do yoga and walk around the house barefooted during the day. If you find it uncomfortable to jump rope without shoes, find other times to go shoeless or try doing half of your jumps without shoes.


Lewis Family said...

660 today. I'll do better tomorrow.

Lewis Family said...

OK, another form question: do you go all the way down on your feet in between jumps or do you stay up on your toes? And which is better? I tend to stay up on my toes, especially when I jump faster, but my calves hurt faster that way... btw, my number for this morning is 508; I'm hoping to do another session this afternoon and break 1000 today. Wish me luck!

Lewis Family said...

So, I got at least 350 jumps in before I looked at my pedometer and found it only reading 68, ugh! After shaking it a few times and seeing the numbers NOT change, I declared it dead. So I'm estimating by the feeling in my calves that I've done about 450 tonight. I'll post if I do more, and I'll count this time.