Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Q & A


so i have a question- Would you recommend eating an energy/protein bar before a run/race or just go straight to a food item that would give you more nutrients you need? What good energy bars have you found to work for you? My issue is I'm trying to figure out what food to eat before my runs to give me enough fuel. Also my other problem is I am not waking up early enough to eat something- i don't want to wake up an hour before i run to eat something. any help?

A: I would always recommend a natural food source in leu of a packaged anything, except in your case! What you need is the most energy for your bite. You don't want to eat a lot and feel too full and yucky to run, but you also need some energy for milage. Here are a couple of options that you can try out and see what you like best.
1. Energy Bar: I like power bars a lot and luna bars are also great. Look at the labels and try to find one that has the most carbs, some protein, and low fat and sugar...and that you can stomach! You can eat a couple of bites before you run and then take it with you to eat along the way. Some people schedule a grocery/gas station stop in the middle of the run to refuel. As I've run marathons, I've always had to eat along the way. You definitely feel the boost after just one bite/drink.

2. Sports drink: A sports drink is really great for morning runs. It provides energy and not a full, bulky feeling. In one of the marathons I've run, all they had was sports drink along the way. I made sure to start drinking from mile 3 (something that I used to laugh at other runners for doing...until I about died in a race from dehydration and lack of energy). I remember I could actually feel that sweet nectar coursing through my body, renewing my depleted energy stores.

3. Fruit: A bite out of a pear or orange is also great for a energetic boost in the morning. I've even carried a clementine along with me to eat along the way...perfect!

Q: another question- You like New Balance running shoes right? I'm trying to find some new ones that aren't $85-$100!

A: Sorry, but NB are NOT the shoe for me. For some reason they always feel like hard cement under my feet. However, if you like them, they can always be found for $30 at TJMAXX...that really makes me wish I liked them!


Paxton said...

Cool thanks Kelly! I've never tried taking food with me, I guess I need to invest in a little fanny pack or something eh? I like the Luna bars, and I bought a Powerbar to try. I've tried fruit but I get tired. I ate half an apple but I don't think it was enough. I'll try an orange.
About NB- I thought that's what you said you liked? What kind of shoes DO you like? I have Nike now which I like. Would you recommend buying the same shoes if they've worked for you before? Again, I was wanting to buy a new shoe-any good brand- for less than $85....

Kelly said...


I'm in L.O.V.E. with addidas adiprene running shoes. I get them every time they're around $40 on sale. I did recently try on a pair of nike's that I liked even more...scary! It's fine to buy the same pair of shoes if you like them. I NEVER spend more than $50 on a pair of shoes...just can't do it. I'm always looking for a sale.

Also, last time we talked you were in need of some new shorts...there are some fancy ones with pockets and holders for food...that way you wouldn't need to lug a fanny pack too, although that's also an option. I usually just take something I can carry in my hand. You can also try hiding things along the way. Make a route and drive tot he half way point or something and hide yourself a snack. ...that uses too much gas for me though :)