Saturday, August 2, 2008


I've been keeping this under my belt for a while so I could do lots of studying and practicing. Kettlebells. The new HOT strength training method. And I LOVE IT! It's not huge right now, but I predict it's going to be. Pavel Tsatsouline brought the method over from Russia about a decade ago and it's just grown from there. Apparently he ran some tests on two study groups. One group preformed and trained specifically for several track and feild events. The other group trained soley on kettlebells. Test day came and the kettlebell study group scored higher in every competition. One reason that I really love it is because it uses kenetic strength movements or dynamic strength movements...which I've written before, could be my number one get in shape and work your best/smartest training. You can buy kettlebells online or in stores. Hopefully your gym has them cause they're kind of spendy. I've also used just dumbells for a few moves and it works okayish. Kettlebells are best though.

Here's a little preview clip.

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